Software applications development

We specialize in the development of medium and large web applications using PHP (Yii framework), JavaScript (YUI, ExtJS, Ext Core, jQuery). Data storage and manipulation is realized using PostgreSQL and MySQL database systems.

Project is an online service created to manage hunting domains from Austria.The application was developend along with our partner Omrigon GmbH and it was designed to serve the hunt management of all regions of Austria as required by law.

The Code Works team is responsible for designing, engineering and maintenance of the application.

Project Migratek

LAITEK Inc., a world leader in medical images and data migration from legacy PACS archives, contacted us in order to develop a web interface allowing them to manage the processes involved in data migration.

We have created a complex but easy to use web interface based around JavaScript (ExtJS). For the server-side and the processes that interact with their systems we used PHP.